by Blatchford

BladeXT is the complete solution for active users. It is suitable for everyday use as well as running, cycling and other sporting activities, too. It has been designed so that wearers don’t have to stop and change their prostheses between activities throughout the day.
BladeXT is lightweight, flexible and responsive, yet durable. It delivers outstanding performance, ground compliance, comfort and postural support from the twin toe spring and traction heel, while its C-shaped toe spring is primed for optimal energy response. The result is a sports blade that offers the user versatility, security and the confidence to enjoy an active life.


  • Ideal for cross training, running, bat and ball sports

  • Controlled acceleration and deceleration

  • Ease of alignment incl. A/P slide

  • Variable spring stiffness heel wedge

  • Heel stiffness adjustment

Product Details:

One Size
Product Weight
30 oz
Weight Limit
365 lbs
Activity Level
3, 4
Mounting Type
Running Specific

Additional information:

Trial Period
60 days
12 months
L Code
L5980, L5986
Sandal Toe

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