About Our Practice

Holmes Prosthetic Center was founded by Jon B. Holmes P.T., C.P., L.P. He has been treating amputees since 1979 both as a physical therapist and as a prosthetist.

Since 2006, HPC has been providing exceptional service and prosthetic devices to patients in the Houston area and around the world. Our practice has grown to include a dedicated team — each bringing their own set of unique experience and skills to the HPC family.

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Our Philosophy

We focus on people, as a whole. That means our patients are not defined by their conditions, but by their own unique stories, personalities, and goals. HPC is a small practice where patients are recognized by name and served by a familiar team of medical experts.

Body parts are by nature, an extremely personal business, and each device is custom-made and fabricated in our onsite workshop. This allows for expedited fittings and superior quality control. This also reduces the cost for those that need to pay cash.

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Our Approach

Jon Holmes and his team have literally walked alongside thousands of patients on the road to recovery — often for the first time on a prosthetic limb. We would be honored to be a part of your journey too and help you adjust to your new normal.

We start every relationship with a no-cost, obligation-free evaluation appointment to get to know you and understand your issues. Together, we will define practical goals and create a personalized plan of action to help you meet them.

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