No one should have to worry about their prosthesis

Life has enough challenges; your prosthesis shouldn’t be one of them. Having the wrong device or poor fit leads to pain, discomfort, and reduced wear time which will then put limitations on your lifestyle.

We’re here to help get your life back on track with maintenance and adjustments or a brand new prosthetic device. We believe your limbs should help you achieve your goals — not get in the way. HPC will help guide you through the process.

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Our Services

HPC provides a wide variety of personalized prosthetic and orthotic services to meet your individual needs.

• Lower Extremity Prosthetics
• Upper Extremity Prosthetics
• Lower Extremity Orthotics
• Upper Extremity Orthotics
• Cervical / Spinal Orthosis

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Welcome to the family

HPC is a small family-owned practice where patients are recognized by name and served by a familiar team of medical experts. Body parts are by nature, an extremely personal business, and each device is custom-made made by hand right in our office.

Jon Holmes has walked beside hundreds of patients on the road to recovery and empowerment. He combines decades of experience with the newest technologies and advanced devices to provide highly personalized care for every situation.

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